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Septic Repair and Services

Septic repairs can arise all of a sudden and without warning. If you find yourself in need of an emergency repair on your septic system or drain field we can help! Reinhardt Homes, with our in-house excavation team Mahaney Excavation, offers septic repair services!


Our Septic Services

  • Major and minor repairs and alterations to your septic system

  • We fix septic failures and leach lines

  • Septic installation

  • Broken Pipe repair

  • Septic Baffle Replacement

  • Free Estimates and in-person consultations 

  • Septic Permits

  • Reinhardt Homes LLC is DEQ certified. DEQ # 39092

If you are having a Septic Emergency call us directly: 


Russ: 541-977-7199 

Bryan: 541-420-0586

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