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Custom Home Building Design
Redmond, Oregon

When selecting custom home builders, you want a partner with the experience to guide you through the process and alleviate any concerns along the way. At Reinhardt Homes, we pride ourselves on building every custom home with the same level of commitment, passion, and integrity as if we were building our own because a Reinhardt Homes relationship is a relationship for life.

Our goal is to take the stress away from home building, and use our experience to guide you through building the home of your dreams!

Custom Home Builders Design

The advantage of working with a design-build contractor like Reinhardt Homes in Redmond, Oregon is that our projects and budgets are more accurate, cohesive, and efficient since we manage all phases from the initial design concepts, budgeting, engineering, and permits through construction, inspections, and finishing touches.

We believe in the design-build difference because having the design and construction professionals working on the same page from the very beginning of the project results in a faster, more organized, and more efficient process.

Budgets for our projects are based on real decisions and thoughtful project development and design. During the early phases of the design process, we engage our trade partners, vendors, and other industry professionals so that comprehensive and detailed selections that affect the budget will be ready at the completion of the design and project development phase. During our design-build process, we coordinate creative design with structural and civil engineering to ensure that your home is a safe, long-lasting structure as well as a beautiful masterpiece.

Due to our personalized design process, we can continually monitor the specifications of the project and make real-time recommendations to ensure that we are keeping everything within budget and on schedule. When creative design and experienced construction management are melded very early in the process, the result is a beautiful, efficiently completed, on-budget dream home build.

Custom Home Builders Bend, Oregon Reinhardt Homes Redmond, Oregon Red Door

"We had Reinhardt Homes build us a custom home in 2022. The entire process was easy and actually fun! Bryan and his team walked us through all the steps to build our custom home. We even brought in our own plans and he fixed them to make the house flow much better. During the process, the construction crew was friendly and fast. Our new custom home was built so fast and affordable. We love our custom Reinhardt Home and would recommend them to anyone who wants a home that is a custom fit for your lifestyle."

Dan M. | Bend, Oregon

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Are you ready to start designing your dream property?

Contact us today. Let's get started.


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